Casino and its history are very colorful, and so is the experience and secrets of many players. The casino is more than just gambling, having few drinks, winning, and losing. There are many casinos in the history that are considered haunted! Whatever the case is, one thing is for sure; the experience one gets from the casino grand dragon lotto is unlike any other. This article will portray some of the crazy and weird facts about casinos and its staff. Some of these may even blow your mind. Sit back relax and enjoy reading.

Alarming mode of Dealing Cards

Dealing Cards

Sitting around a casino table and playing your brains and wits off is something you will find at every casino. Some of the tables may have players who are raging with anger from losing every hand they play and there might be some table where lots and lots of drinks are served. It is a matter of emotions taking a rollercoaster ride. The dealer and other players should be alert all the time to expect the unexpected. Having said that; there are many instances in the history where a man got so annoyed with the losing hand that he stormed out of the table returned with a bottle filled with gas and threatened the dealer and the entire house he will burn the table down. That guy needed some rage controlling class don’t you think?

The Aftermath of Losing a Hand Can Turn Perilous

Like mentioned before, a casino is a place where you can find cheering after a win, and rage issues and roaring off from the tables after losing. The majority of the players after losing the game can be alleviated after having few drinks. There are also a few of the players who would do something nasty after they lose. Instead of taking the losing in the right sense, they would choose for a death proposition. It is very sad for the dealers and other players to find this act of bitter very annoying. Even though it is sad, this act is very common at a casino table.

Something to do With High Rollers

You can find people both rich and poor gambling at the casino table. The most captivating part is how we believe the rich can get anything with gambling. This is not entirely true. An instance in the book of casino noted mentioned that when high rollers lose at any game, they show their hatred by throwing a hand full of chips and throwing at the dealer. What a mannerly act! If the casino is fond of that particular person, the house would do anything and everything to make the customer happy.

Expect the Unexpected

This point on the list will be by far the craziest and the amazing fact listed in the book of the casino. What will the human’s most common fear? Snakes? Spiders? Rarest case, Butterflies? Well, an incident took place at a casino when a dealer faced a three-foot slithering snake. The dealer was not surprised nevertheless; the player and his pet were immediately thrown out of the premises.