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Make something special out of your holiday, wedding or private party - with selected luxury properties on the Balearic Islands! Celebrate and relax like the VIPs do!
Kuhn & Partner offers a selection of luxury properties in Mallorca for vacational rental, for fine events, weddings and celebrations. All these properties and also a private island next to Ibiza are characterized by absolute privacy, every conceivable comfort and exclusivity.
Of course, on request we also provide personal service staff, coaches, helicopters and water sports equipment. We take care of everything concerning your holiday, your celebration or event in our exclusive luxury properties for rent.

Procedure for obtaining the License for tourist lease in the Balearic Islands

Renting out a property in Mallorca for holidays during the period you are not using the property by yourself is popular and profitable. However, you need a license for this. Kühn & Partner provides you with the most important facts about applying for a license for holiday rental in Majorca.

Type of Property you can obtain a licence for tourist lease

- One-family detached house, being the only one on the land in the sense that no other houses are next to it.

- House in between others, being the only one on the land.

- Those which are on the same land and form a community of owners, or adjacent detached houses on different plots, which are separated by a dividing wall

- Houses, that have to be counted due to similar conditions, that means, those where two or more properties are on a plot.

- Maximum of 6 bedrooms and 12 beds

- One bathroom per 3 beds

- Commercialization for time periods which do not exceed two months.


Conditions and documentation for obtaining the License for

tourist lease in the Balearic Islands:

1) Declaration of the responsible for the initiation of the activity (DRIAT)

2) Legally valid accreditation on the person and representation of the declaring person

3) Payment of the corresponding administration fees, which are:

a. 315.-€ up to 9 beds

b. 35.-€ for each bed exceeding the 9 beds

4) The provision of the following services must be directly or indirectly guaranteed: periodic cleaning of the house, bed linen, lingerie, household goods in general and replacement of all of them, maintenance of facilities and service to the public during business hours.

5) The property must have a valid occupancy certificate.

6) Signing of an insurance policy over 300.000 Euros with a maximum contribution of 600 Euros per accident, which covers the liability for physical and material damage that may suffer the user of the property during their stay.

7) If similar requirements must be assessed: copy of the occupancy certificate, copy of the title deed and cadastral plan of the property.

8) Duly filled form of the modernization and quality plan for tourist stays.

9) Furthermore, the entire information of the company, activity or property can be included, which might be important.


For any further information, please get in contact with us!